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Friday Wrap-Up: April 1, 2011

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

1.) Taking a huge cue from Facebook’s “like” button, Google announced its +1 button.  Online users can click the “+1” button and the content or ad will be shared with their social circle, and the public. It’s all fine and well, but I think they might get more results if they had put out a “dislike” -1 button. We’d all be clicking like there’s no tomorrow. All hail the rise of social SEO. (It’s been going on for awhile, but this just upped the ante.)

2.) Every year QR codes are announced as the new big thing, and finally they are beginning to get a little traction in North America. In 7 Reasons to Add QR Codes to Content Marketing author Heidi Cohen reminds us why we should get on board with QR codes.

3.) Did you miss World Backup Day? It’s never too late to start!  Everyone needs a disaster recovery plan.

4.) Content curation is blossoming. As we send out more and more info into the cloud, how do we care for it, watch over it? Joe Pulizzi has written an excellent article that shows just how important this issue is.

5.) Copyblogger has (as always) a lot of great insights about discovering the core desires of your audience and tapping into that to create compelling email subject lines. But, that said, expect a lot of email marked “You Are Not Alone”.

Friday Fun
With results like these, you may think that Google needs to hire Autocompleters.

But the truth is, it’s April Fools’ Day. The link leads to a job description that includes requirements like “Good typing skills (at least 32,000 WPM)”. But wait, that’s not all!! Check out this excellent coverage of all of Google’s shenanigans.

Friday Wrap-Up: Feb 11, 2011

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

Just Say No to Marmot Wars - You can always expect greatness at Brain Traffic, and this is no different. Erin Kissane outlines why “Content Strategy is Not User Experience.” It’s a rallying cry to look beyond industry-specific tunnels and go past the marmot wars. (Read it, you’ll understand!)

Better Information Architecture = Better SEO – Wondering how a better site structure can improve your user experience AND SEO? Yoast’s Joost de Valk has the answer.

Smart Content is More Than Words - Thinking of blogging to help engage in a dialogue with your readers? You’re not alone. eMarketer reports that the percentage of US companies that use blogs for marketing purposes will rise to 43% in 2012, from 34% in 2010. Marketaire points out that companies need to brush up on not only their copywriting skills but also their content analyst skills, or, you know, you could always hire a Web copywriter like me!

Facebook Update - Facebook made some changes, and the very smart David Griner of Lucky & Company outlines 10 things admins should do RIGHT NOW.

Without a Plan, You’re Lost - I adore Kim Krause Berg’s blog at because I always feel a little smarter leaving it than when I arrived. Thinking of redesigning your site? Here’s a must-have checklist.

Friday Fun
I love the music of Joy Division, and absolutely appreciate the intricacy of stop-motion animation, but seeing the late, great Ian Curtis with a Playmobil smile is a little, well, disconcerting. You can compare it to the original here.

Friday Wrap-Up: Jan 28, 2011

Here’s what caught my eye this week:

How to Create a Content Strategy – Wow. Just wow. If you’ve ever wondered about the ins and outs of creating a content strategy this is an excellent overview. Bravo Scott Scanlon of You Brand.

Smart Wordplay – I don’t know how long this ad has been around, but whoever wrote the copy did a great job!

It’s Raining Space Planes!Samsung dropped 200 SD cards from the stratosphere, attached to paper planes. Created by Samsung’s marketing agency The Viral Factory, if you happen to stumble across one of these planes, or it smashes through your window or something, visit Project Space Planes, and tell Samsung about it.

Improving Your Meta Description Odds – I always tell my clients that a focused meta description is a great way to stand out in the search engines results pages. But, you can’t control whether or not Google will display your meta description. Here’s a great little article by Dr. Pete at SEOmoz that increases your odds.

Location, Location, Location! – Does your company do ad placements? Well, then let this be a hilarious but cautionary tale. (Or, just enjoy it!)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, everyone!